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It all began back in 1997 when I arrived at the University of Durham with bleached hair and a full length leather coat. Between then and now I have accumulated a BA in Anthropology and Archaeology, an MSc in Evolutionary Anthropology and a PhD in Psychology. Essentially that makes me two parts biological anthropologist to one part psychologist. My hair is now its natural colour. I don’t know what happened to the coat. Here’s my CV.

These days I’m based at Durham University (I did go away for a bit, I promise), back in the Anthropology department where I started out. I lecture in various aspects of human evolution and behaviour and have discovered an alarming aptitude for the teaching of statistics. My passions include education, the communication of science and evolutionary anthropology in general.

As a researcher, and as a person, I am interested in sex. By which I mean (mostly) human sex. By which I mean sexuality in general, as well as sex/gender identity. Although a quantitative kind of guy by training, I take a very broad (dare I say interdisciplinary?) methodological approach to these issues.

I’m a big fan of queer theory and love thinking about intersectionality and privelege. I seek to disrupt the heteronormative discources that lurk at the very heart of evolutionary discourses and generally make the world a better place. I love the genderbread person. I’m passionate about sexual freedom. I’m a cis-gendered, gay man and am making a bit of a reputation for myself about LGBTQ issues here in Durham. Feel free to get in touch.

I’m currently engaged in a project on gender identity construction, which is totally awesome, and which has a specific focus on trans* / intersex / genderqueer individuals. Click here to learn more and CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART IN A STUDY (open to all, regardless of identity).

I have engaged in various public engagement of science activities, under the general principle that knowledge transfer is a duty of research. I’ve appeared on telly, in print and been heard on the radio and on the occasional podcast. I look like this:



So, if you happen to live/be in Durham and you see me wandering about, please do say hi. This is a very small town.


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